ErrLytics Features Tour
Detailed Error Report
Get extensive error context with the user event timeline. It will help you reproduce the error by seeing the user, network, and application console events that happened before the error.
Stack Trace with Code Context
We don't just give you stack trace but the context of the each line in stack trace to help you figure out exactly what happened. How many lines do we give as context? Well, that's totally configurable by you.
Intelligent Error Grouping & Filtering
ErrLytics groups errors intelligently and provides you with filters like by browsers, OS and url of the page to block out the noise and make cross browser development easier.
Drag & Drop Source Map Support
You can just drag & drop your sourcemap over the stacktrace to know exact error location and see the context of the stacktrace lines.
Know the Trend
Check out the trending errors page to know which error is bothering your users the most, which errors went down or up significantly compared to last week. Here you might even find an AJAX call that's failing. It will help you stabilize your backend too.
Hourly and Daily Dashboards
Use this dashboard to view overall performance of your web application. You can check which page or browser is generating most error. As a plus we also give you pageview dashboard.
Monitor Your Application's Performance
Monitor page load times, asset loading times, Network call response times and frequencies etc. to help make your website faster.