Notice: ErrLytics will be stopping all services on July 5th, 2018.
After 2 years of operations, ErrLytics will be stopping its services for all customers. As a part of this process, new user registrations, plan purchase and changes (except cancellation) are disabled. Separate email communication will be sent to existing paid customers regarding their subscription.

ErrLytics Features Tour

Intelligent Error Grouping & Filtering

We group errors intelligently and provide various filters like by browsers, OS, and URL of the page to block out the noise and make cross browser development easier. We also give to filter to browse through User & Release Tracking.
Error grouping 4d73cf81ae0e6d6284ed7473d85bb11247e015bc302912a9008ca17ccfa77f85

User Event Telemetry

Get extensive error context with the user event timeline. It will help you reproduce the error by seeing the user, network, application console events and route changes that happened before the error.
Event telemetry 8ed004a3718f9a00150ee9456bd09293755bf5c1e8ec05e150f460147dc94d65

Stack Trace with Code Context

We don't just give you stack trace but the context of the each line in the stack trace, but also provide code context for that line to help you figure out exactly what happened. You can configure how many lines of context you want using our SDK's configuration options.
Stacktrace 58f1d4e63378db6c1eabfe2a67be1f3be626cb25a8dc7bd6b0042983d3ecd479

Drag & Drop Source Map Support

We support uploading source maps to ErrLytics which will auto beautify your stack trace. But if you do not want to upload it, you can just drag & drop your source map over the stack trace to know exact error location and see the context of the stack trace lines.
Sourcemap e572c8dcdcc3be1b3bc83fb1c7925674d61e2967b298d7005aae54ed4d230822

Monitor Network Errors

We do not just capture JavaScript errors, but also show network call errors that failed. You can use this feature to monitor your application's communication with various services or your backend. You can configure which status code to ignore using our SDK's configuration options.
Ajax error 1ec46ec2df1e2bc524b0dd9533a84cee78e2c3f48e4c5e5bc9d40b7d66d5cfaa

Know the Trend

Check out the trends to know which error, browser, os or page is bothering your users the most. We also give you percentage change compared to same previous duration. You can also sort by users impacted, error frequency or occurrence time.
Trends 3733314047ea2ebf450ac4b5d0190782438257d3d77bed1f5193111b4fc22670

Overview Dashboard

The dashboard will show you the overall performance of your web application. You can check which page or browser is generating the most error. As a plus, we also give you page view statistics to monitor your traffic throughout the duration. We also have separate dashboard for performance monitoring which will give you overall view of your application's performance.
Dashboard f6e2d5f813c7894bf6681616258d272cd87564a39abc0fdb63b0062b1a66d09c

Detailed PageLoad Monitoring

Our performance feature gives you page load monitoring along with the breakdown of metrics like DNS Lookup, SSL Handshake, DOM Processing & Rendering etc. to give you the complete overview of where your application is getting slowed down. You can also sort list by various key metrics like throughput, average loadtime etc.
Pageload performance deda25a1e8cd6481200a9f1b50d593b5816ee62c0bc4043016c6cffcbba48533

AJAX/Network Monitoring

Network call monitoring helps you understand & debug your application's communication with third party services or your own backend system. Using the response times and throughput of network calls, you can drill down to causes of pages and make your website run even faster.
Ajax performance b86cd35b9976df518e1fe3816e17862dabc5733f3d2a33b8379b1d00f3a462e7