Notice: ErrLytics will be stopping all services on July 5th, 2018.
After 2 years of operations, ErrLytics will be stopping its services for all customers. As a part of this process, new user registrations, plan purchase and changes (except cancellation) are disabled. Separate email communication will be sent to existing paid customers regarding their subscription.

Fix JavaScript errors faster &
monitor browser performance

ErrLytics is a JavaScript Error Reporting and Performance Monitoring Tool that helps you find out bugs as soon as they occur and solve them faster than ever using features like user telemetry, advanced stack trace, and source map support. Also, supports user & release tagging as well as issue resolution. You can also monitor the performance of your application.

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15 days free trial. No credit card required to sign up.
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Fix errors
once and for all
Tired of finding and fixing untraceable JavaScript bug? ErrLytics gives you real-time error reporting and lets you see whats going on in that JavaScript console. It also gives you what led the user to that error by giving detailed event telemetry. You'll get all the details you'll ever need to kill that bug permanently.
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Reproduce errors
using telemetry
Ever encountered an error which was impossible to reproduce? Not anymore. With our Event Telemetry feature, you can see all the user actions like click, input as well as application actions like AJAX call, route change etc. that happened before the error. This helps you reproduce & debug the issue even faster.
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Make User fall
in love with product
Have a great product? Nice. ErrLytics gives you a better understanding of your product from user's perspective. It shows slow pages, API calls and errors which users encountered so that you can focus on those to make the user experience even better.
Our site is based highly on Javascript and we needed to see if there are any errors which our users are facing and most of the time a user do not send in feedback. ErrLytics also helps if there are any issues raised due to browser upgrades, plus the integration is just so easy.
- Wenceslaus Dsilva, CTO @IndieFolio
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5,000 Pageviews, 1 Application, 1 User, 2,500 Errors, and 15 Days Retention without performance monitoring
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How can I integrate ErrLytics with MVC frameworks like Angular, React, Ember, Vue etc.?
You don't need to. ErrLytics strictly believes in plug-and-play. You just have to put our code snippet at the top of your page and et voilĂ , You're good to go.
What do you count as a Hit?
A hit is any page view by the visitor that executes JavaScript and includes ErrLytics error reporting. We also count hits by bots like GoogleBot, AlexaBot etc. as it processes JS and we don't want our client's rank to go down because of any errors.
Does ErrLytics track user's input on my website?
No. We respect privacy. We just track the pattern of the input e.g. If user enter in input field, we track it as "15 characters email" format
Can I try out ErrLytics before choosing a plan?
We encourage you to. In fact, every new subscription starts with a 15 days trial of our popular Prototype plan.
Is my data secure?
Security of your data is crucial to us. We encrypt your data before it leaves your browser and send it over SSL only. We do not share your personal or application related data with anyone.
Is my credit card secure?
We never store or transmit your payment details ever. We use a trusted payment provider, FastSpring, who have a clean record and PCI DSS compliance.
What if I exceed my plan usage?
We'll contact you to find the right subscription for your needs when your plan is about to exceed the limits. Don't worry, we will give you some time to take action even after you exceed limits.
Can I cancel my plan mid-term?
Of course. There are no obligations when it comes to your money. You can choose when to cancel or change your plan.
Have any other question? We're glad to help. Let us know at: